Home Office Ergonomic solutions for creative entrepreneurs and remote workers!

Decrease Your Pain & Discomfort and Increase Your Productivity, So You Can Work in Comfort and Create Your Joy in Life!

Home Office Ergonomic Solutions

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Optimize Your Home Office!

Decrease Your Pain and Discomfort & Increase Your Productivity!

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Do you suffer from aches and pains when working at your home office workspace?

Does sitting at the computer for a long time bring on headaches?

Let’s be real! Nobody has time for a desk injury. Especially, an injury that is preventable.

What’s a desk injury? You’ve heard the names:

Repetitive Stress Injury

Cumulative Trauma

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Chronic neck pain

De Quervain’s Stenosing Tendinitis

Thumb pain

Acute wrist pain

Elbow pain

Low back pain

If your desk or workspace set-up is not customized to fit you it can increase your risk of developing a desk injury or it can be the cause of your discomfort or pain.

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Yes, that is me in the video at VoiceCon, in New York City.

I asked Gary Vaynerchuk a question and then I gave him advice on how to hold his mobile phone.

If you didn’t listen to the exchange, I explained how he was wearing down his joints prematurely.

As you can hear I am very passionate about getting the word out.


I’m Dr. Joella. I’m a Sports Chiropractor and an Injury Prevention Specialist. I’ve been helping people for over 27 years resolve their muscle and joint injuries that resulted from acute trauma, like a car accident or a sports injury or because of chronic overuse, like tennis elbow or too much mouse work .

Now, I want to help you avoid an injury. I will be providing you with information about the right tools, the best postures and the right moves that align with your body!

Remember: Simple changes in your posture, in your desk set-up and how you move can make a huge difference in how you feel!

This could mean less pain, less discomfort and an increase in productivity!



“When I do what you say, I feel better! 

-Veronica Gutierrez, Author


“The information Dr. Joella has given me has literally changed my life! It will change yours, too! 

-Kenia R.


Dr. Joella’s knowledge around the human body and posture is extremely impressive. What’s even more important, that I’ve noticed though, is how much she CARES.

She has shown me how important it is to look after your body and take ergonomics seriously. There are extreme effects that can happen after working in front of a computer or laptop after many years.

I did what she told me to do and I have less tightness in my hands, wrist and forearms.

If you’re looking to engage with her in any way, shape or form, I highly recommend her as a person to work with.

Nathan Chan

Publisher, Foundr Magazine

The best tips I received from Dr. Joella were:

  • Don’t overdo it!
  • The simplest movement, when done wrong, can cause the most damage, over time.
  • More importantly, take time to heat and ice your body, because it won’t heal itself.

Thank you, so much for your help, Dr. Joella!

Kenia R.

Banking Industry

Many of us are home-based entrepreneurs and it’s all too easy to ignore ourselves as we immerse in work!

I walked away thinking about the changes I could instantly implement and watch points to look out for when out and about as well.

I loved Dr. Joella’s clear explanations and bubbly enthusiasm for the subject, which made all the difference.

Susanna Reay

Online Business Strategist, Founder Of The Introvert Way

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Optimize Your Home Office

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Create a workspace customized and optimized to fit you, so you can be productive in comfort and create your Joy in Life!

As one of my clients said, “It will change your life!”

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