Do a shoulder roll! It takes seconds and it’s so good for you!

That’s me, always giving tips to anyone who will listen.

It’s my passion to share what I know about the body and ergonomics to help you improve your quality of life.

With over twenty-seven years of treating people in pain, I’d love to show you how to avoid pain and the other dire consequences that can result  when you don’t make simple and essential changes in your behavior, now.

Don’t let pain be your motivator.

You are worthy to have the best body you can have!

You are worthy of an abundant life!

Let me guide you, teach you, motivate you and inspire you!

Let’s do this!

Some information about me…

I have trained and evaluated 100’s, if not 1000s of people in their work environments, so they can have a workspace that fits them and keeps them injury-free.

I have worked with people in numerous industries: dentists, lawyers, accountants, industrial workers, grocery workers and tech workers, to mention a few.

I am now using my expertise to help entrepreneurs create a home office workspace customized to fit them.

My motto: Be productive in comfort and create your Joy in Life!

"3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Optimize Your Home Office Workspace"

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